Boomboxes also known as ghettoblasters were commonly used throughout the 1970's through to the present date. The modern radio's of the present date lack the style of the older Boomboxes and therefore we shall concentrate on Boomboxes from the 70's to the 90's. Some were massive, such as the Sharp GF-999, with 4 massive woofers and an impressive sound, right through to the smaller types from manufacturers such as Matsui, Ingersoll etc. Most of the major brands produced Boomboxes of different types such as Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp, Panasonic, right through to the lesser known brands such as Matsui, Steepletone, Triumph, Ingersoll and Unisef. Collecting boomboxes now is a rewarding hobby and many people can relate to them when they were younger. Prices can be high although many can be had cheaply, however most will need attention as they are likely to have faults, this is where this site comes in. If you are struggling, drop me an email to VALVERADIO@HOTMAIL.CO.UK and i will do my best to help. Happy collecting!

This was my first ever boombox when i was younger. After many years of searching on Ebay, i finally found the exact model i had. It was a Triumph RR-3007 sold by Currys. They were at the cheaper end of the market with basic facilities and not a great deal of volume, however it was my very first boombox way back in 1986.